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Best build for Mewtwo in Pokemon Unite (7/30/23)


Jul 31, 2023

Mewtwo X has dropped and is causing chaos in Pokemon Unite!

It's been a little over one week since the release of Mewtwo X, and it is one STRONG character. 

If you are new to Pokemon Unite and are looking to get into the game, a great new pick for you would be Mewtwo. This character has an all-rounder role and can be played in any lane!

Farm the Yellow dots below every 1 - 2 Minutes for a better advantage

Best Lane?

In my opinion the best is center lane because you can get to a higher level faster and get your move set quicker than anybody else. If the other team has a Mewtwo doing the same thing you will want to target that player first, and hope you are the better Pokemon.

How's Ranked?

Playing a ranked match without a decent Mewtwo on your team will typically result in a loss unless you have other players to communicate and set up ambushes with! This Pokemon has an insane move set that makes him really hard to 1 v 1. With that said, Mewtwo's two strongest attacks are currently Teleport and Future Sight. So if you have a to 1 v1 him it is best to play close to your unless you are also Metwo! 

Best Moves?

Teleport can get you through the walls of Theia sky ruins or out of a hairy situation. This is especially easy with the use of “Full heal” as your item. You are incredibly evasive and can get great positioning putting the opposing team in angles they might be uncomfortable with! Your other move Future Sight marks your enemies and pulls them toward you. Like Espeon's future sight, it goes off after a small set amount of time and the attack does major damage. An easy move to use but needs to be used on the right characters and in the right order to be super effective! If they seem to run away while you are bombarding them your teleport is usually finished its cool down period.

This is currently the BEST BUILD for Mewtwo even post nerf! Can you believe that they nerfed him within hours of release? SHEESH!

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