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Get to know us!

Thanks for wanting to get to know more about ProWave Gaming! Below is the story about how ProWave came into existence along with the hopes, plans and dreams for our future!

All About ProWave Gaming

ProWave Gaming is a passion project that started in 2021.  The Discord was made and the first few members started playing/practicing our favorite video games together. Not long after, the website was started with a mission to help grow and promote the brand! From there it evolved, by creating our own clips while connecting with our audience to form a fun community. With the creation of the website and future content it is our goal to spread the word about ProWave, giving everyone the chance to experience what we have to offer!

The ultimate idea behind ProWave is to give everyone an amateur esports experience, and gamers an opportunity to compete regardless of your skill level. We seek to give YOU the chance to showcase your talents, whether you think you have it or not! What do you have to lose? Even if you aren't a competitive gamer, we still find ways to have fun and support each other through our community! Join a new wave in gaming, TODAY!

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